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Traveling in cars

Road trip travel photography can be an exhilarating adventure. While it's a busy time, making a routine of backing up your photos every night will help you stay ahead.

Remote Live View Shooting

Connect your smartphone with Canon EOS 1500D and release the shutter from a remote location to capture beautiful images.

Special Features

Special effects modes (night vision, super vivid, pop, photo illustration, toy camera effect, miniature effect, selective color.

Keep Living and Working

Keeping work and everyday life separate may be difficult on the road, but it significantly minimizes your risk of ruining any important gear.

Image Viewing & Import

Import photos you have taken onto your smartphone and enjoy uploading images to SNS using the smartphone's communication.

Capture every detail

Image Enlargement: After shooting, you can enlarge photographs of the objects for clear zoomed view.


buddies recommending

"Great camera. Perfect product for young budding photographer... Useful for in-house, nature, functions, and spare time photography. Take high quality pics, videos , portrait, landscape wildlife, nature pics etc"
Mandar Phatak
"Excellent and the quality of the material is awesome love to control the camera from mobile through Wi-Fi easy to connect, best one for taking self photos and group pics also the quality of speaks everything"

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