5 Best Medicated Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin India 2022

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Best Medicated Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin in India [Top 5 Review]

Are you looking for the best medicated dog shampoo for itchy skin in India? We reviewed the best dog foods in India in my earlier article. In this post, we’ll go through which dog shampoo is best? or What is the safest dog shampoo? taking into account optimum skin and coat treatment, natural oil preservation, and odor control.

A man’s best friend is his dog. There isn’t any doubt in my mind. So, shouldn’t you take good care of your dog and groom it? Yes, you must invest in proper grooming products if you want your dog to appear and feel healthy. One of the most important things to remember is to use a good shampoo to keep your dog clean and hygienic.

Check out the list, which will definitely assist you in making a decision about which dog shampoo is the best to purchase for your beloved dog?

Why your dog needs a dog shampoo?

  • Using a dog shampoo on a regular basis will clean your dog’s coat from germs more effectively than simply bathing with water.
  • With the right shampoo, your dog will look and smell great.
  • Dog shampoos are made to keep the pH of your dog’s skin at a healthy level.
  • These shampoos are effective in keeping the coat glossy and healthy.
  • The most frequent skin problems in dogs, such as dandruff, itchy coats, and fleas, can be treated with a good shampoo.

5 Best Medicated Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin in India

Himalaya Erina-EP Flea Dog Shampoo

Ticks, fleas, and lice are ectoparasites (external parasites) that are controlled by Erina EP. It’s antibacterial and antifungal properties help to prevent skin infections and enhance general skin health. Using water, thoroughly wet the pet’s body. To obtain a lather, apply the required amount of shampoo and rub thoroughly into the hair root. Let 10 to 15 minutes for the lather to dry on the body before washing with water.

Himalaya Erina-EP Tick and Flea Control Shampoo, 200 ml
  • Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine
  • For Dogs, Prevents from Fleas, Lice and Ticks infestation,...
  • Ecto-parasiticidal
  • Each ml contains : Tailaparni 9mg, Vacha 8 mg, Sarapunkha...
  • Required Quantity to be Applied

When the coat is dry, pat it down with a towel and brush it, or use as suggested by the veterinarian. Ticks, fleas, and lice infestation (ectoparasites) in pets can be treated with Erina EP Shampoo, which is a blend of natural actives. Erina EP Shampoo is good for the skin and coat, and it contains no toxic chemicals for pets. Erina EP Shampoo has a pH balance that protects pets from scaling and skin damage. And of course one of the best medicated dog shampoo for itchy skin at present.

Top highlights of the product



  • Good For Dogs and Cats
  • Ectoparasite repellent
  • pH-balanced
  • Prevent scalling
  • Controls body odor
  • Leaves pet smelling fresh


  • Some users report that the hair fall increases

Captain Zack Anti-Microbial Dog & Cat Shampoo

For your peace of mind and a happy pet, Captain Zack Tick’et to Fleadom is made with nature’s finest ingredients. This waterless shampoo makes keeping your dog clean, preventing ticks, and keeping healthy skin stress-free and mess-free. Safe to use on a daily basis. Fleas, ticks, flea eggs, flea larvae, and lice are all killed by Lemongrass essential oil and Citronella.

Captain Zack Excuse Me, Fleas! Anti-Microbial & pH...
  • PET DEFENCE FOR TICKS & FLEAS - Captain Zack Excuse Me,...
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – We have used plant-based ingredients...
  • NO NASTY CHEMICALS- We love pets as family and have zero...
  • USAGE - Gently massage shampoo into the coat to form a rich,...

It protects against skin infections, itching, and improves the skin’s overall condition. This shampoo has natural ingredients such as Lemongrass and Citronella, which help to calm barking pets while also giving them a citrus fragrance. They also contain insect repellent properties and are highly effective against microorganisms that spread disease, ticks, and fleas. So, Captain zack is one of the best medicated dog shampoo for skin allergies in india.

Top highlights of the product



  • Pet defence for ticks & fleas
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Anti-irritant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal
  • pH balanced: ideal for dogs
  • Vitamin E supports healthy skin and coats


  • Too much shedding
  • Can causes skin rashes on the dog

Dogz & Dudez Organic Neem Dog Shampoo

Dogz & Dudez’s Anti Tick & Flea Dog Shampoo is now available. We updated natural shampoo formulas into an all-natural, very powerful, irritation-free Neem-based product. You’ll get a shampoo that not only cleans and moisturises dry, itchy skin, but also protects and prevents ticks, fleas, insects, and parasites, thanks to the addition of Lemongrass.

Dogz & Dudez Organic Neem Shampoo for All Breeds Dogs &...
  • Break the life cycle of ticks & fleas by using the natural...
  • Natural & potent blend of formula developed using...
  • Water-like texture in our efforts to keep it natural, gentle...
  • Neem (natural ayurveda herb) enhanced with lemongrass helps...
  • Package Content: 1 Natural Dog Shampoo; Quantity: 200 Ml

Veterinarians often recommend the combination of Neem and Lemongrass for flea and tick prevention because of the ingredients’ protective and coat-beneficial properties! Let these natural ingredients to work their magic on your dog. We recommend Dogz & Dudez as one of the Anti-inflammatory dog shampoo in India.

Top highlights of the product



  • It consists of anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Potent insect repellent
  • Completely safe for your pet
  • Year round protection


  • Some owners report that the fragrance isn’t nice
  • Hair fall may be occurred

Medilogy Biotech Dog Shampoo

The product is made to the highest quality and consistency standards, giving you the confidence that every bottle will provide your pet with the same soothing benefits. For best results, this product should be used at least 2 times a week. Dog Shampoo is intended for pets with food, grass, and flea bite allergies. It’s suitable for both dogs and cats. Sensitive skin requires a pH balance.

Medilogy Biotech Dog Shampoo Neem Aloe Vera 1 Litre...
  • GUARANTEED:✔️ The product is manufactured to the highest...
  • PET RECOMMENDED:✔️ Our Dog Shampoo is formulated for...
  • ALOE ENRICHED:✔️ Our special formulation has mixtures of...
  • HYDRATE :✔️ Contains Aloe which is moisturizing and...

There’s no alcohol, no sulphates, and no artificial colours. The unique formulation contains organic aloe extracts that will not irritate your dog’s eyes, nose, or skin while bathing, making bathing time more enjoyable. It result in a silky, easy-to-brush coat that makes your pet feel and smell clean. Aloe is a moisturising and healing ingredient for your dog’s sensitive skin. Throughout the year round, protect your dog’s itchy, dry skin at home. The shampoo is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types to use.

Top highlights of the product



  • Perfect protection of your dog’s
  • Relieve your dog from itchy
  • Pet recommended
  • Aloe enriched


  • Results in hair shedding some cases
  • The smell is not good

Iilio Antifungal & Anti-Tick Dog Shampoo

The gentle formula cleanses the skin your pet’s skin and coat without the use of harsh chemicals that can cause your pet’s coat to become dry and dull. Your dog is more than a pet; it is a member of your family, and you want the best for them. As a result, we provide you with the safest and highest-quality dog products available.

Iilio Antifungal & Anti-Tick Dog wash Ingredient for...
  • Ingredient: Formulated with All natural ingredients like...
  • 100% safe: Biodegradable Contains No harsh chemicals, it is...
  • Healthy Shiny Coat: Restore the healthy lustre, shine and...
  • How To Use: Apply on a wet coat and spread evenly on the dog...
  • Disclaimer: Best before 36 month of the date of...

This dog shampoo is ideal for dogs who have dry or itchy skin, allergies, other skin irritations or rashes, or who simply stink!  It contains natural ingredients that will moisturise your dog’s skin while also leaving them smelling and feeling great with no itching.

Top highlights of the product



  • Dog Shampoo for itchy skin
  • High quality product
  • 100% safe to use.
  • Natural ingredient
  • Natural cleanser


  • Some very sensitive pups can have adverse reactions

Things You Should Keep in Mind While Selecting best dog shampoo

Identification of needs

It is important to select the appropriate shampoo for your dog’s health and comfort. Vitamin E and honey are used in all five dog shampoos, which help to soothe dry, irritated skin. Conditioning shampoos are thicker and soothe itchy and dry skin while also helping to straighten out hair. It detangles hair and protects it from coming out.

On the other hand, a conditioning shampoo can’t be used on dirty-coated pets. Shampoos with aloe Vera can help your hair grow. A shiny coat Mineral-rich, vitamin-rich, and protein-rich shampoos can revive a dull coat to its former glory.  However, oatmeal-based shampoos are good for treating a variety of conditions, including normal, gritty, and dry skin with dandruff.

pH Balanced

Dog skin is slightly more alkaline than human skin, as previously stated. To assist soothe their skin and prevent further discomfort, make sure your puppy shampoo is pH balanced for their skin.

Hypoallergenic Formula

Dogs with itchy skin or allergies are more likely to have sensitive skin, so pick a shampoo that is suitable for even the most sensitive dogs. This is especially important if your dog has any skin problems that cause redness or flaking.

Avoiding Chemicals

When looking for a dog shampoo, the most important thing to look for is one that is gentle. Artificial colours, fragrances, alcohol, preservatives, and other chemicals cause irritation and fur loss, even if there is no immediate harm. It’s essential to read the labels and identify chemical adversaries in names and text. Avoid products that claim to be “natural” or “organic” while hiding the true ingredients in fine print.


Anti-parasitic shampoos sold over the market may assist with parasite infestations, but they won’t entirely eliminate these little visitors, so your veterinarian will prescribe additional treatments.

Consider the skin condition

When looking for a dog shampoo, one of the most important factors to consider is the dog’s skin condition. Some dogs have dry, itchy skin, which requires the use of a moisturising shampoo. So look for ingredients like honey, aloe vera, oatmeal, and others that are soothing to the skin.

Reading product reviews

The information available on the internet will make your life easier by assisting you in selecting the appropriate shampoo. It’s good to look for items that would meet a pet’s needs and then read the subsequent remarks. The ones with 60 percent or more positive reviews and that appear to be credible are the best selections.

Items that have been on the market for a longer period of time appear to have a better track record. Inquiring about items from other pet guardians and reading blogs and forums can also help you make the best decision.

Opt for medicated shampoo if needed

If dog’s skin issues are persistent and uncontrollable with other shampoos, medicated shampoos should be used. These shampoos are less harmful than those that include organophosphate and carbamate insecticide. These shampoos kill the ticks on the dog, but they can’t prevent re-infestation from nearby insects.

Medicated shampoos should be avoided by the aged, pregnant dog, and pups under the age of four months. If you’re looking for a medical or medicated shampoo, make sure it’s only for dogs. When selecting the best tick shampoo, consider the dog’s weight and size.

FAQs: Best Medicated Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin

Dog shampoo with aloe and lemongrass is for sensitive skin. We recommends Earthbath products at-home bathing after brushing, especially the citronella and aloe recipe for itching dogs. When it's time for a bath, make sure the coat is entirely free of shampoo and that the eyes and ears are protected. If you must bathe your dog, we recommend using a standard and medicated dog shampoo that has been specially developed for canine skin.

Natural dog shampoos are formulated mostly with herbs, neem, tailaparni, lemongrass , citronella, lavender, sarapunkha, and other natural components. These shampoos provide a more effective result with a longer-term effect as compared to other shampoos. The pH of these shampoos is usually close to neutral.

It appears to be safe in the sense that it will not poison the dog. However, using a perfumed shampoo on an animal with a sense of smell that is thousands of times more sensitive than a human's and that can't get rid of the smell of its own coat is inhumane. Baby shampoo has a strong fragrance. It's a lovely, gentle odour that reminds us of childhood, but it's an overpowering stench for a dog.

We hope that our review of the Best Medicated Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin helped you find the right dog shampoo for your needs. If you’d like to share your buying experience, photos of your dog food, or anything else with me and the readers of Before Buy Review, please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


So, this concludes the topic for Best Medicated Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin. Now you have got it: our recommendations for the best shampoo for dogs in India. There are hundreds of options available, some good and some bad. Ideally, this brief guide will help you in avoiding the bad ones and buying the correct product to keep your dog’s fur and skin in top condition.

DISCLAIMER: In case your pet has any underlying skin condition. Use these products after Vet’s Recommendation.



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