5 Best Office Chairs for Long Hours in India 2022

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Best Office Chairs for Long Hours in India 2022 [Top 5 Review]

As there are so many options, finding the best office chairs for long hours in India online might be difficult. It’s because there are so many brands on the market. Since you’ll be doing all of your office work while sitting in a chair in front of a laptop or computer, selecting a good office chair is important. So here we are, prepared to help in making the most of this article.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best office chair for back pain with arms. In today’s world of IT revolution, A computer or a laptop are needed for 60% of the world’s employment. This requires a comfortable office chair that will support you throughout the day.

A good office chair ensures that your body is in good posture and that your spine and head are balanced. As a result, you can work for longer periods of time without adversely affecting your health.

While choosing for the Best office chairs in India you may come across common questions like:

  • Which brand office chair is best for back?
  • What chairs are best for back pain?
  • What is the best office chair for sitting long hours in India?
  • What are best office chairs in India?

So, we’ve solved all of the above questions and listed all of the different types of office chairs for different situations and room layouts. We have covered all of the key best office chairs that you need, whether it is a study room or your home office.

A good office chair can help you in keeping perfect posture and providing proper support for your spine and back. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best office chairs in India. Let’s get this party started. Now, let’s have a find which are the top 5 Best Office Chairs for Back Pain in India.

Benefits Of Lower Back Pain Chairs | An Ergonomic Solution

The primary reason for purchasing an ergonomic chair is for individual well-being, which we believe is enough, but there are additional benefits. Let’s take a look at a few of those.

Preventing Neck Pain

While back pain is the most common health problem among office employees who sit for longer periods, neck pain is also common. This occurs as a result of long-term improper posture. For approximately 54% of users, an ergonomic chair can improve posture and reduce overall back and neck pain.


Employees who are more comfortable sitting are more likely to perform better than those who are suffering from back pain or are unhappy with their chairs, according to research. As a result, choosing a well-designed ergonomic chair that is also suitable for your lower back can improve your comfort and happiness significantly. Furthermore, when you’re not worried about back or neck pain, you may focus on your task holistically. This will considerably increase productivity and, as a result, benefit the company.

Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

Many office workers eat their lunches or tiffin’s while sitting at their workplaces. Over time, this habit can massively increase blood sugar levels in the body. As a result, a slight activity before meals can reduce blood sugar spikes by 43%. When you use an ergonomic chair for lower back pain, however, it ensures that you have balanced pressure on your body parts, which allows you to move around freely and avoids a sugar spike, which is one of the root causes of most health problems.

Improves health of the heart

Researchers have found that sitting for long periods of time has negative effects on the heart because it slows the metabolism and increases the risk of cholesterol. Furthermore, a person’s sugar level has a harmful effect on heart health, as we’ve already shown how an ergonomic chair can help you avoid glucose levels and improve heart health. As a result, employees should choose lower back pain chairs that allow for easy movement and appropriate posture in order to avoid potential health problems in the long term.

5 Best Office Chairs for Long Hours in India

Green Soul office chairs for back pain

The chair is ergonomically designed for the human spine, with a wider and thicker back to help improve posture when sitting for long periods. The exquisite stitching on the PU leather chair ensures that no threads are lost, and its professional appearance is ideal for an office or conference room.

Green Soul® Vienna High Back Leatherette Executive...
  • 🇮🇳 Made in India 🇮🇳 Product Dimensions: Chair...
  • Internal frame material: Wood, Upholstery cover: Leatherette...
  • The chair has extra padding on the seat, back and armrests...
  • Assembly Required: Delivered Expert Assembled (just need to...
  • Warranty: 3 years manufacturer’s warranty.

While typing or resting your arms on the chair, the fixed armrest with soft cushioning provides excellent comfort. For a wonderful sitting experience, the flat spacious seat is made of high quality ultra thick foam. You can now sit comfortably for hours. And of course one of the best chair for long hours of studying.

 at present.

Top highlights of the product



  • Ergonomically Shaped To Match Human Spine
  • Padded Soft Armrest
  • best ergonomic product


  • Customer support not good
  • Stiff cushion

BEAAtho JS-2 office chairs for back pain

Both Comfort & Durability were considered. The internal frame is made of wood, with a synthetic Leatherette upholstery cover and extra padding on the seat, back, and armrests. We remove all of the middlemen who raise the price of a chair, enabling us to deliver a high-quality office chair at a fraction of the cost directly from our manufacturer to your door.

beAAtho JS-2 Teak and Synthetic Leatherette Executive...
  • PRODUCT DESIGN: Focused only on Comfort & Durability....
  • We cut out all the middlemen that increase the cost for a...
  • QUALITY CHECKED: Before Dispatching the product. It goes...
  • TAKE RIGHT DECISION: Refer or Ask us Anything using...

It also comes in a well-packaged box, so a buyer didn’t have to think about the best-sold chair becoming damaged in shipment. BeAAtho Office chair can be purchased in two easy steps, after which the chair will be delivered anywhere in India. BeAAtho JS-2 is one of the best chair for long hours of gaming also.

 in India.

Top highlights of the product



  • Ergonomic design up to some extent
  • Heavy-Duty Castor Wheels
  • Tilting Mechanism
  • Soft Padding For Comfort


  • Poor customer service
  • Hand rest/ wheels don’t move free

INNOWIN Jazz office chairs for back pain

If you’re looking for the best office chairs for long hours of sitting, the INNOWIN Jazz Mid Back Mesh Office Chair is the ideal choice. This chair will not disappoint you with its ideal combination of advanced technology and superb quality. The ergonomic lumbar support will help you relax after sitting for long periods of time. It will stay with you for a longer time because it is made of a glass-filled nylon structure.

INNOWIN ® Jazz Medium Back Mesh Nylon Chair for Office...
  • Arms: PP ADJUSTABLE ARMS | Mechanism : Heavy Duty MULTI...

The chair’s base and castor wheels are both made of nylon, allowing it to swivel freely. Swivel movement helps the chair to move around in a relaxed manner. The breathable mesh allows for a continuous flow of air, which melts your back and prevents sweating. So, this is one of the best ergonomic office chair in India.

Top highlights of the product



  • 2 Dimensional Lumbar Support
  • Height Adjustable Arms
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Height setting may not work for everyone

AmazonBasics office chairs for back pain

This AmazonBasics mid-back office chair adds functional style to your home office or workplace. Smooth curves and adjustable settings provide all-day comfort, while its unique style and elegant appearance provide a professional look for any place. We recommend AmazonBasics as one of the Best Office Chairs for Long Hours.

AmazonBasics Mid Back Office Chair (Black, Leather)
  • Comfortable office chair upholstered in black bonded leather
  • Padded seat and back for all-day comfort
  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment; dual-wheel casters
  • 124.7 KGS maximum weight capacity
  • Measures 24.02 inches deep by 24.02 inches wide by 34.84 to...

You may raise or lower your seat, rock back in your chair, or sit up straight using simple pneumatic controls. The adjustable office chair provides an ergonomically correct sitting posture, which is crucial while spending long periods of time at your desk or in front of the computer.

Top highlights of the product



  • Ergonomic office chair
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Dual-Wheel Casters


  • Customer Unhappy with cushion
  • There is no lumbar support

Savya Home APEX office chairs for back pain

Another affordable and comparable alternative to the INNOWIN Jazz office chairs is the Savya home office revolving chair. Savya Home contains a range of low-cost office chairs for the Indian market. Savya home office revolving chair has a design and features that are quite similar to the last model we discussed. This model is available in three different stylistic variations, according to the company.

Savya Home® APEX Chairs™ Apollo Chrome Base HIGH...
  • Primary Material: Ergonomic Co Polymer chair with black...
  • Warranty: 12 Months Warranty against breakage/manufacturing...
  • Product Dimensions: Length (25 Inches), Width (26 Inches) &...
  • Assembly required: Do-it-yourself. (Toolkit & assembly...

It also has a mesh back that is highly breathable and offers valuable lumbar support. The seat’s 2-inch copolymer padding is soft, comfortable, and ideal for long-term use. Class four pneumatic gas lifts are more durable than regular ones. It allows you to adjust the height by 5 inches. We considered Savya Home APEX is one of the Best Office Chairs for Long Hours in India.

Top highlights of the product



  • Heavy Duty Swivel Mechanism
  • Class 4 Gaslift For Long Life
  • Dual Wheel Nylon Castors
  • One Touch Height Adjustment


  • Joints-pathetic welding
  • Screws/bolting points are not aligned
  • Head rest doesn’t hold a position





Mid Back Ergonomic Office Chair & Computer Chair

High Back Executive Revolving Office Chair for long hours

Ergonomic chair for Computer Work & Study for Home

Chairs for Computer Work & Study for Home

Mid Back Suitable for Working from Office & Home

Comfortable computer chair for home and office

FAQs: Best Office Chairs for long hours

Follow the steps we take to choose a product. Remember to carefully consider the specs and features. After that, look at the product's service quality and warranty. After you've done with the checklist, read the verified reviews. After you've considered all of these factors, assess the product's monetary value. If all of this seems too complicated and tiresome, choose one of the best 5 chairs office chair for long periods of sitting from our list.

It doesn't matter if you're in an office chair or another chair. As a result, you must get out of your chair once per hour at the very least. Stretch your muscles and take a short walk. After every hour, do this for at least 5 minutes. If you don't do this in the long run, you may develop health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Additionally, whenever possible, stand up to compensate for the long hours of sitting.

The best chairs for office work are ones with good back support, as you will be sitting for longer periods of time. As a result, high-back office chairs with a headrest are ideal for office use. High-back office chairs are the best because they give a most back and shoulder support. Arm adjustment is also a must-have feature in an office chair.

The Green Soul Office Chair and the BEAAtho JS-2 Medium Back Office Chair are the best for long periods of sitting. Both of them are cost-effective and among the best. Tall people are strongly recommended against using any type of ordinary chair for work purposes. They will benefit from a chair with adjustable seat depth, adjustable lumbar support, and a sliding seat.

The ergonomic office chair is one that has enough lumbar support, height adjustability, an armrest, and a padded seat. Furthermore, the back mesh is breathable and allows for proper ventilation. The best ergonomic office chair ensures that you are as comfortable as possible.

We hope you found this article useful in making your purchase. If you have any question concerning the best office chairs for long hours, then please comment below.  Also, please share your buying experience as well as a video of how you put the Ergonomic Solution together.


This takes us to the conclusion of this article. We hope that we were able to help you in your search for the best office chairs for long hours in India. Let us know which chair seems to be the most comfortable in the comments. If you require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you in choosing the best chair for lower back pain. So, this concludes the topic for best office chairs for back pain in india | An Ergonomic Solution.



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