5 Best Smartwatch for Men Under 5000 India 2022

In this article we’ll break down the Best Smartwatch for Men Under 5000 available in the Indian market, comparing them for features versus performance. If you are planning to buy the best smartwatch in India, but your budget is below Rs. 5000 and you are puzzled about which smartwatch is you should buy. Because there are so many best smartwatches under 5000 available in India.

You must have noticed that the traditional analog and digital watch days are gone, because of their multi-functionality and because they are now available at a very affordable price, everyone is transitioning to the increased use of smartwatches. Here, we will try to find out which are the best smartwatch for men under 5000 in india.

There are several well-established top brands like Amazfit, Realme, NoiseFit, etc. that manufacture the best smartwatches under budget in India. Depending on your needs, you have to pick. So, we’re going to show you the top five best smartwatches under Rs. 5,000 in India.

Best Smartwatch for Men Under 5000 India

In addition, at the time of purchase, you need to check out information such as color availability, water resistance, accessibility, size, brand, and price also.

Best Smartwatch for Men Under 5000 India
NoiseFit Endure Smart Watch

100+ Cloud Based Watch Faces & 20 Day Battery Life

Best Smartwatch for Men Under 5000 India
Fire-Boltt Full Touch Smart Watch

SpO2 Full Touch 8 Days Battery Life with 24×7 Heart Rate Monitoring IPX7 Blood Oxygen 

Best Smartwatch for Men Under 5000 India
Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch

SpO2 & Stress Monitor, HD Color Display, 60+ Sports Modes, Breathing Training

Best Smartwatch for Men Under 5000 India
Realme Fashion Watch

Large HD Color Display, Full Touch Screen, SpO2, Continuous Heart Rate Monitor

Best Smartwatch for Men Under 5000 India
Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Smart Watch

IP68 Waterproof, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep & Step Tracker, Call & Message Alerts

Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Smart Watch

With a sleek new style and a stunning 1.3-inch full touch color display, ColorFit Pro 2 is our latest smartwatch. However, it’s not just good looks, because ColorFit Pro 2 has much better monitoring of health and fitness, 9 sports modes and all the smartwatch features you can think of, from updates of calls, text and social media to music control on your mobile.

Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Smart Watch

Noise Colorfit Smart Watch

  • The brilliant 1.3″ colour display is now full capacitive touch.
  • Supporting taps and swipes, so it is easy to read and operate.
  • The strong polycarbonate case makes the ColorFit Pro 2 featherlight.
  • Available in 4 beautiful colours with matching swappable straps.
  • 24×7 heart rate monitoring with the built in optical HR monitor.
  • Up to 10 days battery life, ColorFit Pro 2 can go for more than a week.
  • 9 sports modes to cover all your activities.

ColorFit Pro 2 can do so much more and still it has an incredible 10-day battery life, so you’ll just need to charge it a few times a month. We recommend ColorFit Pro 2 as one of the best smartwatch for men under 5000 in india.

Top Features

  • Get a Free 1-Year Warranty from NOISE – Manage your 24×7 warranty claims by typing support.gonoise.com into the address bar of your browser.
  • The Amazing 1.3-inch Color Monitor  – It has full capacitive touch, enabling taps and swipes, making it simple to read and work.
  • Featherlight on Your Wrist – The solid polycarbonate case renders the ColorFit Pro 2 featherlight on your wrist and is available with matching swappable colors in 4 beautiful colors.
  • Straps Power – 210mAh Disposable Battery, Working Time: 10 days, 2 hours of charging time.
  • Monitors Your Heart Rate – The built-in optical HR monitor that monitors your heart rate every five minutes provides 24×7 heart rate monitoring.
  • 9 Sports Modes  – If you walk, run, hike, ride, treadmill, work-out, climb, spin, or perform yoga, 9 sports modes to cover all your activities.
  • Track Health and Fitness – Sign into the NoiseFit app and track the specifics of your health and fitness. Get insights into your success and share with the world your accomplishments.
  • NoiseFit App – Personalise your ColorFit Pro 2 and select from the dedicated NoiseFit app from a plethora of cloud-based watch faces. Connect and monitor all your activities in one location with Google Fit. Enabled only on Android devices.
  • Sleep Monitoring – Find, invite and add friends to your list; track and get fit together for their accomplishments. To track your sleep trend, use the sleep monitor (deep sleep, light sleep and awake hours) and check your sleep trend.

Our Verdict

You can sweat as much as you like and even wear the ColorFit Pro 2 in the rain due to its IP68 waterproof rating.

Our Score


  • 1-year assured warranty from NOISE
  • Full touch control
  • 10 days battery life
  • Complete health tracking
  • Menstrual cycle tarcking
  • IP68 rated waterproof
  • Swappable watch straps


  • Does not support with one plus phones
  • Automatically gets disconnected sometimes

Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch

Your first step into smart fitness is the Amazfit Bip U smart watch. You can see data with its wide color screen and 50+ watch faces, At a glance and in tremendous clarity, this is important to you.

Our Pick
Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch

Amazfit Smart Watch

  • (SpO2) Blood-oxygen Level Measurement.
  • Stress Monitoring with Breathing Training.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring and PAI Heath Assessment System.
  • 60+ Sports Modes and 5 ATM Water Resistance.
  • Smart Notifications for Incoming Calls, Text Messages, Apps, and Calendars.

The Bip U can monitor your levels of oxygen level of blood, heart rate and quality of sleep, and train your breathing to control stress levels. For a comprehensive approach to smart fitness, it also features 60+ sports modes and the lightweight build is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. And of course one of the best smartwatch for men in india at present.

Top Features

  • Blood-oxygen Level Measurement – You can instantly measurement your blood-oxygen saturation and consider your physical condition when you feel unwell, under mental stress, or participating in vigorous exercises such as marathons and exercise sessions.
  • 60+ Sports Modes – There are 60+ fitness modes on the Amazfit Bip U. There are indoor cycling, outdoor running, treadmill, walking, outdoor cycling, yoga, cricket, baseball, basketball, table tennis, badminton, fishing, swimming in the pool, free training, etc.
  • 5 ATM Water-Resistance – Up to 50 meters water-resistant, you can wear the Bip U for swimming and monitor your movements and record your movements even under water.
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring – Bip U can maintain continuous 24-hour heart rate monitoring with its Huami-proprietary BioTrackerTM PPG biological optical sensor.
  • Sleep Quality Monitoring – Track the sleep phases accurately, including deep sleep, light sleep, REM, awake time, and naps in the afternoon, To provide you with a sleep quality score and insight, and to interpret the characteristics.
  • Stress Level Monitoring – The watch promotes stress monitoring and can help manage your stress levels by offering breathing training so that you can instinctively know when you need to relax and unwind.
  • PAITM Health Assessment System – PAI is a health assessment system that converts complex information such as heart rate data, length of operation, and other health data into numerical values using algorithms and presents this data to users.
  • 50 Watch Faces – To suit your mood and outfit, 50 watch faces are available, or you can upload your own images for a more customized watch face. The Bip U also supports animated watch faces that make it a unique experience to take every look at your watch.
  • 9-day Battery Life – You can relax and enjoy up to 9 days of operation and development with typical use when fully charged, or up to 5 days with heavy use. With one less charger in your pocket, stay involved.

Our Verdict

When fully-charged, you can relax and enjoy up to 9 days of activity and progress with typical usage, or up to 5 days with heavy usage. 

Our Score


  • Blood-oxygen level measurement
  • Available 60+ sports modes
  • Device has 5 atm water-resistance
  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep quality monitoring
  • Stress level monitoring
  • Paitm health assessment system
  • Enjoy 9-day battery life


  • Battery Draining too fast
  • Customer care service should improved

Realme Fashion Smart Watch

This is the best Realme smartwatch that supports up to 14 types of sport: cycling, hiking, bike riding, treadmill, yoga, exercise, running, walking and mountaineering. You can connect your GPS to monitor all of your operations. To wake up in the morning, you can set an alarm. Records the all-day activities such as steps, burned calories, distance, walked miles, quite accurately.

Realme Fashion Smart Watch

Realme Smart Watch

  • Call notification 20 times (hang up after waiting for 10s).
  • Wrist strap: Adjustable length164-208mm.
  • Control your phone camera and music from your watch.
  • Raise your wrist and light up the screen 80 times/day.
  • Smart notifications for sms, calls, whatsapp, and other apps.
  • Get all your fitness data on your phone seamlessly.

The watch is water resistant to 50 meters, so you can wear it when swimming in swimming pools, running in the rain, or wearing a cold shower. This Realme smartwatch comes with 12 distinct watch faces that are stylish. Your camera and music player can now be controlled by your watch.

Notifications: All mobile notifications will be received on a smartwatch, including incoming calls, texts, messages, and other applications. Available sedentary reminders if you’ve been sitting too long.

So, Realme is one of the Best smartwatch under 5000 in India.

Top Features

  • Large Color Touchscreen – The large 3.5 cm (1.4″) touchscreen features bright colors and a smooth contact. It is quick to use the ultra-bright screen and under bright light, you see.
  • Personalized Watch Faces – Via the realme Connect app, choose from 12 stylish watch faces, with over 100+ to be added via OTA.
  • Blood Oxygen Level Monitor – Effortlessly calculate the blood oxygen level. For sports and fitness lovers, it’s an excellent feature to monitor their wellbeing. It’s so precise, it’s almost like putting your wrist on a professional oximeter.
  • Real-time Heart Rate – Use the accurate heart rate monitor to record every pulse that supports 24-hour monitoring.
  • Intelligent Activity Tracker – With 14 tracking sports modes available, the realme watch meets the requirements of any sports lover. Modes of sport: walking,
    Outdoor running, cycling, yoga, badminton, basketball, soccer, cricket, and more.
  • Music and Camera Control – You can skip to the next song using your watch, change the volume, or simply capture a photo from your phone at the touch of a button.
  • Smart Notifications – Get all your important notifications right on your wrist, such as calls, messages, reminders, and much more, without taking your phone is out.
  • Water Resistant – Your watch is safe from accidental spills, with IP68 water resistance.

Our Verdict

With IP68 water resistance, your watch is safe from accidental spills. Use the realme Link app to sync and view your complete health data right on your phone.

Our Score


  • Blood oxygen level monitor
  • Personalized watch faces
  • Blood oxygen level monitor
  • Real-time heart rate
  • Intelligent activity tracker
  • Music and camera control
  • Smart notifications
  • Water resistant smartwatch


  • Watch gets little bit heat
  • Device is not compatible with iPhone

NoiseFit Endure Smart Watch

NoiseFit Endure is a durable smartwatch that can comfortably withstand your active lifestyle while looking sporty and feeling weightless with a bezel made of stainless steel. Its impressive 1.28-inch LCD monitor and 100+ cloud-based watch face attract compliments instantly.

NoiseFit Endure Smart Watch

NoiseFit Smart Watch

  • NoiseFit Endure’s 1.28”-wide TFT display is as easy to read in bright sunlight.
  • 100+ cloud-based watch faces let you choose a fresh style every day.
  • The watch’s bezel is built with stainless-steel making it strong enough for outdoors while feeling extremely lightweight.
  • Expand NoiseFit Endure’s functionality by pairing it with the DaFit app.
  • With timer & stopwatch, you can also count your reps and measure your stamina!

It is a sporty, active timepiece that looks the part with rough looks. A battery powerhouse lasts for up to 20 days. With full alerts and music control on your wrist, put your phone down and leave it there. So, this is one of the best smartwatch for men under 5000 in India.

With smart warnings, NoiseFIT Endure has 9 sports modes to help you set and reach your fitness goals faster. To assist ladies with cycle tracking, it has menstrual tracking. NoiseFit Endure becomes your trustworthy friend, from home to gym and work to holiday, until combined with the DaFit app.

Top Features

  • Full-Touch, Full-Colour – NoiseFit Endures In bright sunshine, the 1.28-wide TFT monitor is just as easy to read. Cloud-based watch faces of 100+ allow you to choose each day a fresh theme.
  • Tough and Sporty – the stainless steel watch bezel is made to make it sturdy enough for outdoors while feeling incredibly lightweight. Using the integrated SPO2 sensor to assess the level of blood oxygen. For Android (5.0+) and iOS (8.0+), download the Noisefit Software.
  • Stamina Battery – NoiseFit Withstand operates on a single charge for up to 20 days and has a 30-day standby period.
  • It includes 9 sports modes – walking, running, skipping, playing, cycling, lifting weights or yoga, all are monitored by NoiseFit Endure. You can also count your reps and measure your endurance with your timer & stopwatch.
  • Get a free 1-year warranty from NOISE – Manage your 24×7 warranty claims by typing support.gonoise.com into the address bar of your browser.

Our Verdict

Compatible with all smartphones running Android 5.0+ or iOS 8+. NoiseFit Endure functions for up to 20 days on a single charge and has a standby time of 30 days.

Our Score


  • Rugged, yet light as a feather
  • 20 days battery, 30 days standby
  • Larger & more vibrant display to personalise
  • Multi-sports mode, monitor your day
  • Track your menstrual cycle
  • Real time notification


  • Battery draining too fast
  • It keeps rebooting sometimes

Fire-Boltt Full Touch Smart Watch

For simple viewing purposes, the Fire-Boltt Smart Watch comes with a full touch screen. It lets you easily track your blood pressure and your heart rate.

Fire Boltt Full Touch Smart Watch

Fire-Boltt Smart Watch

  • Keep a track of your SPO2 to ensure good & healthy life.
  • Measure Blood Pressure at all times.
  • Heart Rate, SPO2 and BP Tracking available in this Smart Watch.
  • The blood pressure monitor on the Watch reads your systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • You can get the report directly with the integrated App.
  • Full Touch, Sleek & Fashionable Metal Body Intelligent Smart Watch.
  • The watch is slim & exquisite, comes with a removable watch strap.

To stop charging regularly, it comes with a strong battery for 8 days. It is also waterproof, making it durable. In addition, it has seven Sports modes, which make it a must-have for cycling, running and much more. We considered that Fire Boltt is one of the best smartwatch for men under 5000 in india.

Top Features

  • The First Ever Smart watch featuring SPO2 function – Optical heart rate sensor with real-time heart rate tracking during exercise. To ensure good & healthy living, keep track of your SPO2. Blood pressure measurements at all times. The available Heart Rate, SPO2 and BP Monitoring in this the smart watch.
  • Blood Pressure Monitor – Your systolic and diastolic blood pressure is read by the blood pressure monitor on your watch. With the integrated App, you can directly get the report.
  • HD Display Clear & Delicate – 1.4-inch color and complete capacitive touch display, allowing taps and swipes, making it simple to read and work. Clear 2.5D curved glass with a 240 x 240 pixel resolution.
  • Powerful Battery – Battery life of 8 days to prevent constant charging and focus on your everyday activities. A standby time of 360 hours is required for the smart watch.
  • Track Every Step, Every Activity – In this smart watch there are 7 exercise modes: walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football; measuring steps, distance, and calories burned.
  • IPX7 Water Proof  – Never remove the watch in case of sweating or rain or contact with water.
  • Stay Social Stay Updated – In any case, do not miss a message or call or an important notification. Track your everyday steps, exercise, sports, heart rate and SPO2 – All In One Smart Coach. Make this smart watch a fitness habit.

Our Verdict

Never miss out any message or call or an important notification in any case. All In One Smart Coach – Track your Daily Steps, Fitness, Sports, Heart Rate and SPO2. Make Fitness A Habit with this Smart Watch.

Our Score


  • Heart rate tracking
  • SPO2 monitoring
  • Blood presure check
  • Sports & fitness tracking
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Call notifications
  • IPX6 water resistance


  • The touch of this product is average
  • Doesn’t automatically record health
  • It’s not something that you expected

FAQs: Best Smartwatch for Men Under 5000

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The best smartwatch under Rs. 5000 is the Amazfit Bip U. In contrast to the previous Amazfit Bip sequence, it has a new UI. It comes with an LCD monitor, heart rate, SpO2 sensor and some modes of exercise ( not sure about the number of workout modes). There are no complaints about the watch, and for 5000 INR, it will be my blind pick.

Based on our testing, the best cheap smartwatches you can buy Styleflix , HUG PUPPY and BULKHEADS, with Bluetooth, Camera & Sim Card Supported Smartwatch for less than INR 1000.

There are several wearables available for a range of users. All you have to do now is keep an eye on your everyday activity levels. The Noise ColorFit NAV Smart Watch with Built-in GPS and High Resolution Display could be a good fit for you.

Which smartwatch do you believe is the best? Let us know underneath in the comment section. If you have any question concerning best smartwatch for men under Rs. 5000 then please comment below.


We hope that our review of the best smartwatch for men under 5000 helped you find the right smartwatches for your needs. If you’d like to share your buying experience or anything else with me and the readers of Before Buy Review, please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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