Can Exercise Cycle Help In Reducing Belly Fat [Buying Guide Pro Tips]

If you are worrying about your belly fat then you came to the right place. In this article I have sorted out the top 5 best Air Bike Exercise Cycle that can help you to loss your weight as well as belly fat.

It’s almost impossible to fit in any gym time. Why not keep a piece of gym-grade equipment at home?  Air bike is a highly suggested piece of equipment. This is well-liked in gyms for good reason; it warms up the body and provides a decent exercise. The air bike exercise cycle for home use is excellent for both weight loss and seniors.

You could complete an entire cardio workout on an exercise bike without ever leaving the comfort of your house. Its Fix Handle offers stability and support while exercising both the upper and lower body for a stimulating full-body workout that will help you lose weight and tone your body.

Are You in hurry? Then you can select the below.

If you’re short of time and can’t read the entire article. You may then pick the Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle.

because more than 2 lakh customers trust this product. It offers a lifetime frame warranty as well as one year of motor and part warranty. The Durability and Portability of our home gym exercise equipment will no doubt leave you speechless.

Before buying exercise cycle [Pro Tips]

  • Seating adjustment: Before buying an exercise bike, it is very important for you to see its seating arrangement, because if you are not able to sit properly then there may be problems in your workout. It would be best to choose an exercise bike with an ergonomic design. It can help you for comfortable seating with large adjustable seat cushions.
  • Belt Drive: Belt improves pedalling technique, helps  for less momentum-based recovery, improves rider efficiency, and works smoothly.
  • Noise: You must be aware that different bikes have different levels of noise based on resistance, even if this may not be a problem for everyone. Due to the air resistance that these bikes have, which increases in strength as you pedal harder, they tend to be noisier.
  • Customer Support: Before buying any product you should check whether it has minimum one year warranty or not. If you have any complaint about the product then you can easily tell the company.
  • Warranty: Before buying any product you should check whether it has minimum one year warranty or not. If you have any complaint about the product then you can easily tell the company.

Can Exercise Cycle Help In Reducing Belly Fat

in this article you have selected the top 5 best exercise cycles on the market right now . This list is the result of our own opinion, extensive research, and user feedback.

To make the most beneficial selections, we have taken into consideration their qualities, features, and values. Check the links of the choice you select if you want updated pricing and more details on the products mentioned.

BeatXP Air Bike Exercise Cycle

Reaching your maximum potential in the convenience of your own home is made possible by the combination of belt resistance technology with unparalleled durability and performance in this exercise cycle bike.

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Built to provide a challenging yet low-impact total-body cardio workout. It features a digital display metre that shows the number of calories burned, workout time, and revolutions per minute (rpm).

Moreover, this air bike accurately displays your achievements. The BeatXP Fitness cycle has a big, adjustable seat cushion and is ergonomically designed for your comfort.

Because of the high-density foam that fills its handlebars, you won’t have back stiffness, strains, or muscular aches when exercising and can sit up straight. The strapped pedals are made to easily adjust to your comfort.

Our Verdict.

It has a digital display meter which displays your exercise time, revolutions per minute (rpm) calories burnt. 

Our Score


  • The Bike is good & comfortable for home use
  • Ergonomically designed for your comfort
  • It also Includes a twister exercise machine


  • The resistance knob doesn’t work sometimes

Sparnod Air Bike Exercise Cycle

cycling is one of the best workout at your home. It helps you lose weight by burning a lot of calories and increasing your heart rate nearly as much as running does. Additionally, it’s kind to your body.

SPARNOD FITNESS SAB-05 Upright Air Bike Exercise Cycle...
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It is beneficial if you are trying to get in shape or have joint issues because it doesn’t place a lot of stress on your joints. An excellent aerobic machine for the house is the Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 airbike indoor trainer.

It generates wind resistance using a fan, hence the name “fan bike.” The more quickly you pedal, the more difficult it is to pedal due to greater wind resistance.

SAB-05’s handles can be pushed forward and backward alternately to work the lower body. As you aggressively push and pull the handles to produce more power and speed, your chest, back, arms, abs, and external oblique get sculpted twice as quickly.

The SAB-05’s tension controller knob allows for level-adjustable resistance. The adjustable height of the cushioned seat allows for good posture while working out. Get this convenient at-home fitness option right away!

Our Verdict.

Low Impact Cardiovascular Workout Cycle offers an excellent aerobic workout.

Our Score


  • Excellent quality in a reasonable price
  • Very easy and convenient to assemble
  • Covers with 1-year brand warranty


  • The resistance needs to be stronger

Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle

The Reach Exercise Fitness bike has a wide, adjustable seat cushion and is ergonomically built for comfortable seating. Because of the high-density foam that fills its handlebars, you won’t have back stiffness, strains, or muscular aches when exercising and can sit up straight.

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The strapped pedals are made to easily adjust to your comfort. At this price point, the airbike is excellent, and the build is strong. Moreover, a booklet with installation and exercise guidelines is included with the reach airbike.

The installation is simple, and you could be able to finish it in 30 minutes without using any of the bike’s supplied tools.

Our Verdict.

Bike is ergonomically designed for comfortable seating with large adjustable seat cushions.

Our Score


  • Complete family home exercise bike
  • Multi level belt resistance
  • Very strong Frame
  • Comes with one year warranty


  • Some noises may be disturbing

ProTrainer Air Bike Exercise Cycle

Cycling is an excellent cardio exercise to maintain your fitness. It helps you lose weight by burning a lot of calories and boosting your heart rate nearly as much as running does.

ProTrainer Air Bike P27BT || Indoor Exercise Cycling...
  • Customized Design: Fully Adjustable Seat height and Pedal...
  • Heavy-duty Frame, supports upto 110 Kgs of weight load, Fit...
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  • Digital LCD Monitor Tracks Time, Speed, Distance and...
  • Its handle bars are packed with high-density foam, which...

Furthermore, you can now maintain your fitness while doing so in the comfort of your own home by using the ProTrainer Air Bike.

The ProTrainer Air Bike is a top-of-the-line, dependable exercise bike that is excellent for everyone in the family to burn calories and tone their bodies because it is enjoyable to use and can support loads up to 110 kg.

You can choose to use it by putting the handles in place, or you can even perform cross-training with it by moving the handles. You can become smarter and more fit by using a twister attachment to melt extra belly fat.

Installation is simple and doesn’t require any prior knowledge. A DIY (Do It Yourself) set up video is available on YouTube in addition to the step-by-step assembly manual that comes in the box, and of course, help is available through audio/video call.

Our Verdict.

Made in India product. Can carry weight load of upto 110 Kgs.

Our Score


  • This air bike exercise is useful for beginners
  • Good build quality and overall good product
  • LCD monitor tracks time, speed, distance & calories
  • Additional back support with handles for more comfort


Adonai Air Bike Exercise Cycle

Easy Interface Performance Monitor measures your success by keeping track of your time, speed, distance travelled, and calories burned. During those intense workout sessions, the bike’s heavy duty steel frame construction keeps it strong.

ADONAI Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Back Support,...
  • Full-Body Workout - ADONAI Exercise Bike will let you...
  • Easy Interface Performance Monitor - The user-friendly...
  • V Belt Drive System & Resistance- The precision balanced fan...

Back supported ergonomic seating built with a roomy, adjustable seat cushion and a cosy back support. High-density foam is jam-packed inside of its handlebars.

You may combine an elliptical and upper body workout with this adaptable Adonai Air Bike. By focusing on cardio and strength training, the bike’s ergonomic design engages your arms and upper body for a real full-body workout.

Our Verdict.

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Our Score


  • Portable, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Comfortable seat with adjustable height
  • Fits in any space


  • Warranty not covered


I did my best to include every key factor you should think about when purchasing a exercise bike. Think about your desired use before purchasing in one. You just need to pick the best exercise bike for you. There are exercise bikes for both serious riders and frequent users.

FAQs: Cardio Exercise Cycle

Which cycle is best for cardio?

There are so many models are available in the market. It depends on what types and features do you need for the purpose. The basic buying guidelines has been point out in this article.

How long should I cycle for cardio?

It depends on your weight, Generally you should ride your bike for 25 to 50 minutes, 4 to 6 days each week. Every ride should begin with a warm-up for 7 to 10 minutes at a slow and easy speed.

Is cardio an exercise cycle?

Yes, it’s basically a cycle for home gym workout that can help you to burn calories and keep your body fit by exercising regularly.

Can cycling reduce belly fat?

Yes, you can reduce belly fat and burn up to 350 – 400 calories per hour. it can help to strengthens your lower body, legs, hips, and glutes.

Is cycling better than treadmill?

Compared to running or walking on a treadmill, cycling has a lower impact on the bones, joints, and connective tissues of the body. An exercise bike can be a better option if you suffer with recurring injuries and pain.

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