5 Best USB Rechargeable AC DC Table Fan 2022

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Best USB Rechargeable AC DC Table Fan [Top 5 Review]

Hello friends, welcome to Before Buy review. In this article I discuss about USB Rechargeable AC DC Table Fan – Fan Without Electricity and those features and specifications. With India’s kind of heat and summer climate throughout the year, it’s no surprise that there are people who carry rechargeable fans while traveling.

They are not only more accessible, but they also make your life much easier to handle, making this an even better option for exploring and looking into. Given that there are so many choices for India’s best rechargeable fans, it’s no wonder that people seem to be so confused when it comes to choosing one that suits all the requirements they’ve been walking around.

Based on customer feedback and our market analysis, we’ve prepared a list of Best Rechargeable Fans in India 2020. We highly recommend that you read our Guide to buying Rechargeable Fans located to the bottom of this article. So let’s talk about it. Now, let’s have a look/find what are the Top 5 Best USB Rechargeable AC DC Table Fan.

5 Best USB Rechargeable AC DC Table Fan 2022

Rico Rechargeable Table Fan 

With the help of Rico Rechargeable Fan, you can experience cool breeze of air when power cuts occur.
This fan meets your basic table fan requirement, but goes a step further and also provides you with back-up when the power goes off.

Rico Rechargeable table fan with built in battery |12...
  • Premium and high quality Rechargeable battery Table Fan with...
  • Two powerful speed settings, Oscillation for wide coverage...
  • Portable, lightweight design . Can easily go for 4 hours on...
  • The battery is Maintenance free. Convenient Hanger for easy...

When you’ve got electricity, the fan ‘s excellent air throw is to reach every corner of a home. It has an oscillation function, which even allows air to in the room. It also has a multi-angle tilting function which allows you to set the angle according to your needs. And of course one of the Best USB Rechargeable AC DC Table Fan at present.


Top Features



  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Multi-Angle Oscillating Fan
  • Built-In Cord
  • AC/DC Option
  • Excellent Air Throw
  • 2 Speed Setting
  • Charging Indication


  • Plastic body
  • High price product

PRATHVI Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan

The Fan had a long life of up to 8 hours and LED light can also be used for 8 hrs. LED light and fan can be used up to 4 hrs at the same time. It takes to recharge the fan 8-12 hours. Contains 1 pcs of LED that makes the lamp brighter.

Built in Province with electricity, full-featured, user-friendly, environmentally friendly. Products is Rechargeable. LED lamps can be used for 8 hours or so. LED lamp can be used 8 hours OR fan use up to 4 hours or more. So, PRATHVI is one of the Best USB Rechargeable AC DC Table Fan in India.

Top Features



  • Powerful motor for higher air delivery
  • 2 step Speed and 21 LED with Low and High Brightness
  • Can be Place on Table
  • Can be carried anywhere easily


  • Swing Option is not There

KLAY Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan

KLAY LED Light Multi-Function Powerful Rechargeable Table Desk Fan is a perfect choice for buyers looking to buy a compact, easier-to-maintain personal fan with powerful performance.

KLAY LED Light Multi Function Powerful Rechargeable...
  • 2 in 1 8" Inch Leaf Table Fan Works in AC and DC when Power...
  • 2 step Speed and 21 LED with Low medium and High Brightness,...
  • The Fan Can Be Mounted in Fall and Can be Place on Table, an...
  • The Fan Height Can Be Adjusted Vertically, Swing Option is...

The fan ‘s modern design makes it a worthwhile buy for almost every buyer who looks forward to buying the best-in – class battery-operated fan at this point in price. High performance with a brilliant design, this is a perfect choice for buyers who are looking for them after a good, highly efficient rechargeable fan operated by battery. So, this is one of the Best USB Rechargeable AC DC Table Fan.

Top Features



  • Can be mounted on walls
  • Province with electricity
  • Long battery life


  • Expensive maintenance

Impex Breeze-D1 Solar Rechargeable Fan

Impex comes with a range of rechargeable table fans. This table fan comes with a front-facing LED night lamp and is also solar-rechargeable. It consists of 3 blades with two adjustment levels, in terms of both fan speed and light intensity.

After charging for 12 to 15 hours the fan speed may last up to 6 hours. During long power cuts it is certainly an ideal option to use. We recommend IMPEX BREEZE as one of the USB Rechargeable AC DC Table Fan in India.

Top Features



  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Dual Mode Speed Selection
  • Portable Handle
  • Durable DC motor


  • The charging system is not good
  • Tricky to carry

Adonai Rechargeable Table Cum Fan

It resembles the most common conventional electric table fan in India. Looking at it, you’ll be tempted to have one that carries the excellent features below. Whether it’s your drawing room, bedroom, dining hall or kitchen, the fan can be mounted on a wall anywhere in your apartment.

Adonai Rechargeable Multifunction Folding fan with LED...
  • Fan: Fan Can Be Mounted in Wall and Can be Place on Table,...
  • Super bright LED Light
  • 360° Rotating & Flexible : Can be used in 4 angles as per...
  • Economic Usage: Rechargeable: Works in AC and DC when Power...
  • Compact & Portable: Simple, convenient, environment-friendly

You can put the fan on a table or teapot, and take it anywhere without feeling a burden iota. The package consists of a Charging Fan cable and can be charged by applying the micro USB cable to the respective fan.

In a given situation, it is a new updated model with extra battery reinforcement extended to 8 hours, and you can charge your gadgets using the restored energy. We considered that Adonai is one of the Best USB Rechargeable AC DC Table Fan in India.

Top Features



  • Powerfull Battery 4V 1600 mah
  • Quick charging within 3-4 Hrs
  • Can be mounted in the wall


  • Cost of accessories is high

FAQs: Best USB Rechargeable AC DC Table Fan

Fans are undoubtedly one of the most significant and necessary things that provide great relief particularly during the summer. Many of India 's regions suffer unprecedented hours-long power cuts. This necessitates owning even more of India's best rechargeable fan. A rechargeable fan's best aspect is that it can run on an inverter and generator to manage the power cuts. It is also a medium for getting rid of the humidity during the rainy days.

Some specifications of this best rechargeable battery operated fan are:-

1) Rico Rechargeable battery table fan

2) KLAY Powerful Rechargeable Table Desk Fan

3) Impex Breeze-D1 Solar Rechargeable Fan

The rechargeable fan's battery life varies according to the size and efficiency of the battery. Make sure that you test the battery size for the product you are planning to purchase and also take maximum charge time into consideration. You can get the details by looking at the box, or before you purchase it, refer to the fan's user reviews.

If you are confused as to whether you can turn it on while it's still on an AC source. Charging would likely occur more slowly while the fan is working. There should be no problem if the fan has an internal loader or you are using the supplied charger.

Normally, A rechargeable battery fans takes 2-6 hours to full charge. The fan is using 3.7V Li-ion 18650 battery, can be disassembled from the device, first placed on the battery compartment, charging by a USB cable which is around 3 hours charging time from the phone charger, power bank, computer, even if there is no battery, the device can also operate with USB cable.

Fans, generally, don't consume much energy. A DC fan – as opposed to an AC fan operating directly from your wall outlet on the 110-volt alternating current – is highly powerful and consumes less than one-third of the energy used by older AC fans.

Without making the final decision, it is best recommended that you evaluate the functionality over and through. When you buy the fans online, it is best to browse at all the reputable sites and choose the best offer afterwards. So, this concludes the topic for Best USB Rechargeable AC DC Table Fan.

We hope that our review of the Best Rechargeable Fan in India helped you find the right bicycle for your needs. If you’d like to share your buying experience or anything else with me and the readers of Before Buy Review, please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


So, these are some of the Best USB Rechargeable AC DC Table Fan we think your time and money would be worth. If you intend to buy one to beat the summer heat, this might be a good choice. Just make sure you browse at all the choices available to see which one best suits your preferences.



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